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Compliance & Ethics

Axactor strive to maintain the highest level of professional standards and places maximum focus and importance upon its reputation for honesty, integrity and compliance in all aspects of its conduct of business.


Axactor focus on and commit to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in all our business activities. We do our uttermost to act in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner, practice good corporate governance and respect internationally recognized human rights principles. To safeguard compliance and support the effectiveness of such acts, we will maintain an open dialogue on these issues, internally and externally.


Axactor maintain a high ethical standard in its business concept and relations with customers, debtors, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. The following ethical guidelines are practiced in Axactor, and applies to all employees of the Company:

1. Personal conduct: All employees and representatives of the Company shall behave with respect and integrity towards business relations and partners, customers and colleagues. The Executive Management Team has a particular responsibility to promote openness, loyalty and respect.

2. Conflict of Interests: The Company’s employees and representatives shall avoid situations wherein a conflict between their own personal and/or financial interests and the Company’s interests may occur.

3. Confidential Information: Employees and representatives of the Company possessing confidential information related to the Company, shall conduct themselves and safeguard such information with great care and loyalty, and comply with any and all signed confidentiality statements.

4. Influence: The Company’s employees or representatives shall neither directly nor indirectly offer, promise, request, demand or accept illegal or unjust gifts of money or any other remuneration in order to achieve a commercial benefit.

5. Competition: The Company supports fair and open competition. The Company’s employees or representatives shall never take part in any activities that may constitute a breach of competition legislation.

6. Breach of Ethical Guidelines: Any breach of these ethical guidelines may inflict severe consequences for the Company, and any breach may imply consequences for the person in question.

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