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Legal Forum

1st Legal Forum Axactor Spain

Axactor today held its Legal Forum at the Hotel Santo Mauro. The act has as its fundamental axis the IRPH and the clauses of early expiration from the hand of Mr. Javier Orduña Moreno, former magistrate of the First Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court and Professor of Civil Law at the University of Valencia.

It has been a privilege to be able to count on the vision and experience of such a prestigious magistrate, leading to a subsequent exchange of opinions that has enriched the day. Among the guests, those responsible for the legal areas of the main financial institutions in our country attended.

For Axactor, it is an honor to be able to promote this type of event, focusing on the main future challenges, providing solutions and creating a space in which knowledge, experience and professionalism are exchanged between attendees, generating new visions and contrasting arguments.

With this cycle of forums, Axactor intends to continue influencing all current issues that may generate debate and enrich the knowledge of a sector that is concerned with the proper functioning and innovation in the legal area.

Mr. Javier Orduña has begun his analysis by making a historical review of the origins and application of law in contractual matters. His presentation has revolved around a remarkable concept originating from European directives such as transparency, and how it affects a multitude of jurisprudence related to abusive clauses.

During the round of questions and subsequent debate, the main issues that were addressed were those concerning the application of certain judgments and the real implications that they entail.

To conclude, all the attendees enjoyed a time of networking, in which through more relaxed conversations they contrasted arguments, establishing common positions and determining the key arguments related to the theme exposed in the presentation.

For Axactor, it is essential to anticipate future scenarios, identifying problems and providing concrete solutions, all based on a strategy based on data, analysis, technology and a solid social commitment.