06 June 2019

Axactor Spain

Axactor acquires another large unsecured NPL Portfolio in Spain

Axactor has acquired one of the largest portfolios to date from Banco Santander, an unsecured portfolio valued at 600M EUR and with more than 145,000 cases.

This acquisition is perfectly integrated into Axactor's workflow, producing a positive impact on the company's balance sheet from the first month of its purchase.

This is the third portfolio that Axactor acquired in 2019, and represents the second unsecured transaction made with the financial institution since 2017.

Growth in Spain is stable and continuous, diversifying in terms of the typology of the portfolios acquired and ensuring the highest ethical and regulatory compliance standards.

"This is the second operation that we have carried out with the financial institution since Axactor arrived in Spain, and due to the experience we have in managing the first transaction, we can assure that this operation is a complete success, mainly due to the quality of the information and the treatment carried out on it ”. David Martín and Andrés López, General Directors of Axactor Spain.