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Annual general meeting 2017

Download: Minutes of the AGM of Axactor AB (publ) (2017-05-31)
Download: Protokoll fört vid årsstämma i Axactor AB (publ) (2017-05-31)
Download: Summary of the 2017 Annual General Meeting in Axactor AB (2017-05-31)
Download: Årsstämmokommuniké 2017 (2017-05-31)
Download: How to attend the AGM
Download: Summons to AGM in Axactor AB
Download: Kallelse till årsstämma i Axactor AB
Download: Proposal from the Nomination Committee
Download: Valberedningens förslag
Download: Fullmakt/Proxy with voting instructions alt.1
Download: Fullmalt/Proxy without voting instructions alt.2
Download: Item 22 - The BOD declaration of remuneration policy for the executive team
Download: Item 22 - Corporate governance report
Download: Item 20 - Guidelines for the Nomination Committee
Download: Item 19 - Opinion of the Board according to chapter 19 section 22 of the Swedish Companies Act
Download: Item 18 - Amendments of the terms and conditions for the 2016 employee stock option program
Download: Item 17(a) - Warrants (for Stock option program A_2017)
Download: Item 17(b) - Warrants (for Stock option program B_2017)
Download: Item 16(a) - Stock option program A_2017
Download: Item 16(b) - Stock option program B_2017
Download: Item 15 - Proposal to authorize the BOD to issue new shares etc
Download: Item 14 - Proposal for new articles of association
Download: Punkt 22 - Ersättning till ledande befattningshavare
Download: Punkt 22 - Bolagsstyrningsrapport
Download: Punkt 20 - Riktlinjer för valberedningen
Download: Punkt 19 - tyrelsens motiverande yttrande enligt 19 kap. 22 § ABL
Download: Punkt 18 - Förslag till ändringar av personaloptionsprogram 2016
Download: Punkt 17(a) - Teckningsoptioner (förpersonaloptionsprogram A_2017) 
Download: Punkt 17(b) - Teckningsoptioner (för personaloptionsprogram B_2017)
Download: Punkt 16(a) - Personaloptionsprogram A_2017
Download: Punkt 16(b) - Personaloptionsprogram B_2017
Download: Punkt 15 - Emissionsbemyndigande
Download: Punkt 14 - Förslag till ny bolagsordning

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