Axactor is a growth company driving next-generation debt management.
Our leading people, systems and funding enables efficient, low-cost and value-capturing operations

Why invest in Axactor

The financial system is remodeled. Changes are radical and fast-moving. Systems are streamlined and reshaped. Legacy business models become outdated. New thrive. Debt owners and debtors are looking for flexible, secure and sustainable solutions – at a lower cost or better price. Axactor is a next-generation debt management company. Our leading people, systems and funding enables us to deliver efficient, low-cost and value-capturing operations.

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Annual General Meeting 2020

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Interim reporting – Third quarter of 2019
25 Oct, 2019
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12 Feb, 2020
Annual report 2019
11 Mar, 2020

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01 Apr, 2020
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27 Mar, 2020
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Investor Relations Policy

Consistent, open and timely disclosure of information and equal treatment

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Investor relations team

We will endeavor to give equal treatment to all stakeholders, including existing and potential equity investors and bondholders, analysts and banks. Through our Investor Relations activities we seek to keep the capital markets continuously informed about all relevant factors for a fair valuation of the Company’s traded securities.

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Johnny Tsolis CFO
Mobile: +47 913 35 461