16 March 2020

Axactor Italy

How Axactor handles Covid-19: contingency plan and measures

As a result of the situation that develops with the spread of Covid-19, here follows information on how Axactor organizes its work to ensure our social responsibility and daily operations.

In just three days from the announcement of the lockdown, Axactor secured its staff, collaborators and suppliers, activating smart-working for all 130 employees, who were equipped with laptops, headphones and remote internet connection, while maintaining so the operations towards customers.

This new work organization has undoubtedly changed the operational dynamics, moving meetings and meetings into virtual rooms, thanks to the support of IT tools and the IT department. This has not affected the company's performance, on the contrary it has allowed it to continue to guarantee high quality levels of the services offered and to be constantly alongside its customers, in order to support them even in times of difficulty.

Axactor then wanted to maintain some of the well-established habits within the company, such as the coffee break as a moment of leisure, to stay close to each colleague and make him feel part of a single family, a concept at the basis of our motto OneAxactor.

This led to the creation of “virtual cafes” on Teams, but also of short webinars and other initiatives, including social ones, for sharing one's experiences, emotions and sometimes fears. One of these, The Team Leader Rubric, was hosted on the LinkedIn page, with the dedicated hashtag #LaRubricadeiTL, a project in which each Axactor Italy Team Leader explained how they lived the lockdown period and how the collaboration of their team has played a fundamental role in the definition of new solutions and strategies.

Axactor Italy wants to be close to its customers in this emergency phase, resulting from the spread of COVID-19 and wants to put its customers in a position to be well informed about the various support measures put in place by the Government. For information write to: info.covid19@axactor.com

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Frequently asked questions and answers:

At the following link www.mef.gov.it/covid-19/faq.html it is possible to consult the answers prepared by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to the most frequently asked questions regarding the economic measures taken by the Government to counter the resulting emergency from the COVID-19 epidemic.