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Account Receivables Management

Managing and checking invoices and reminders takes a lot of time. Time that could be spent on building up your business instead. By letting us at Axactor managing your invoices and customers you get a more cost-efficient handling with higher quality. We offer a modern solution where you can get an overview of your cases and tailor a process that is right for you.

Why account receivables management?

ARM is a service that we offer to small and medium-sized companies for the management of invoices issued, monitoring and prompting of related payments.

We monitor the deadlines of the collections that you must receive by sending reminder in the post-sale phase, to remember the payment deadline and resolve any disputes, and we request the payment of invoice payments immediately after their expiry. Our modern and flexible IT systems allow you to customize the billing and credit management process.

At any time, you can access the portal used for ARM, monitor Axactor's activities and communicate with your dedicated contact person.

We increase your cash flows by increasing the payments due to you, we reduce your collection times (DSO) and the costs of managing invoices and payments.

Why Axactor?

We are a highly specialized partner in the management of the entire credit life cycle and we have international experience. We help people who are in a difficult situation to achieve a better quality of life, but above all, we help hard-working companies and banks to collect their credits.

In a sector that is perceived by many as rigid and slow, we want to be available and flexible but at the same time we want to work energetically and dynamically. We offer our extensive experience in the credit management sector and we are sure that we understand the needs of our customers.

Our goal is to meet the expectations of our customers and provide them with 360° assistance in credit management, ensuring high performance. This is possible thanks to the specific skills of our professionals, best practices and advanced technologies shared at Group level, such as for example the Axactor efficiency model, business intelligence systems, scoring models and advanced analysis.

The benefits of the service

Steady Control

Monitor and check invoices and payments daily

Specialized Team

Dedicated and specialized Team who manages disputes


Save money and time to focus on your own business

Focus your energies to continue building excellent relationships with your customers, we take care of the rest.

Interested in knowing more about what we can do for you? Get in touch and we'll tell you more!

Alessandro Scorsone

Sales & Marketing Director Italy