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Glen Ole Rødland


Member of the Investment committee and Remuneration committee.

Mr Rødland has considerable experience as a board member and chairman of several Norwegian public companies and other international companies. He is currently Chairman of Seadrill, Prosafe and AqualisBraemar. Mr Rødland has 25 years’ experience in a number of industries, as well as extensive experience as an analyst and in corporate finance from investment banking, private office and private equity.

Mr Rødland’s qualifications include an MBA and Postgraduate Studies in Finance completed at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) and UCLA.

Current directorships and senior management positions outside the Group are Seadrill (Chairman), Prosafe (Chairman) and AqualisBraemar (Chairman).

Previous directorships and senior management positions last five years outside the Group are Prosafe (Director) and Spectrum Geo (Director).