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17 August 2021

Axactor Sweden

Axactor Sweden enters long-term collaboration with Nordax Bank.

Axactor Sweden has entered a new and long-term partnership with Nordax Bank where Axactor will deliver debt collection services for financial receivables, legal services, and foreign debt collection. The deal is a receipt that Axactor has a competitive and modern solution on the Swedish market. This in combination with having the best team in the industry will maximize recovery audit and ensure high quality in all processes.

Lisa Sohtell, CEO of Axactor Sweden describes the new deal:

-This is additional proof that our strategy being the "Industry Benchmark" in banking and finance is getting a great reception on the market. We are excited to be working with Nordax Bank and the Axactor team will do their absolute best to deliver great results in every service and represent the bank's brand in the best way possible.

Anna Algotsson, Head of Collections and Tova Drugge, Senior Debt Collection Commercial Specialist at Nordax describes the new partnership:

-We are constantly working with the development of our benchmark and are looking forward to an additional partner on the Swedish market. The decision of choosing Axactor was motivated by their drive and engagement in combination with high competence and knowledge of the business. Lastly, they also take great responsibility for the end customer which is very important for us. Axactor is a partner whose work completely aligns with our values.

Lisa Sohtell ends with:

"Except that both Nordax Bank and Axactor offers product and services of the absolute highest quality in each industry our companies also have common and meaningful engagement with high ambitions in what we usually call "ESG". Environmental, equality, and compliance are examples of different areas that unite our businesses beyond our aligning values."

"We choose Axactor because of their high drive and commitment in combination with high competence and knowledge about the business."

Anna Algotsson, Head of Collections & Tova Drugge, Senior Debt Collection Commercial Specialist at Nordax

Axactor helps people and companies with credit management. In Sweden, we have our head office in Gothenburg. We’re convinced that the debt collection industry has an important role in today's society. We help people in a tough situation get a better life. But most importantly — we help hard-working companies and financial institutions to get paid.

Want to know more about Axactor? Don´t hesitate to contact us.

Lisa Sohtell

Country Manager