Frequently asked questions by our customers

Below we have gathered the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

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What happens when you send a case to Kronofogden?

Kronofogden issues a payment order that is notified to the customer if the customer does not dispute. If the customer still does not pay after the call, one can proceed to enforcement and then make a cancellation of the customer's assets used to pay the debt to you.

What does Axactor offer?

Axactor specializes in offering a high value debt collection chain, enable you as a customer to focus on you core business. You are one click from getting to know our services even better!

When can I submit a collection claim for my unpaid invoice?

You can send a collection claim as soon as the payment deadline on the invoice has expired. You don’t have to send a reminder first, it is completely voluntary.

What can I do if my costumer doesn´t pay despite reminders?

Then you can contact us and we will make an assessment of the case. We can also help you in the district court so you can get paid for your invoice in the end.

What do I do if my customer disputes one of my invoices?

If your customer disputes an invoice you can contact us and we will help you make an assessment of the matter and the dispute. We will then assist you in driving the case to the district court so that you will ultimately get paid for your invoice.

Is there a difference to demanding a company or a private person on payment?

It is the same process of demanding a company and private person on payment. However, when you require a company on payment, you can take a higher fee. If the case goes on to Kronofogden, companies get a payment note faster than a private person. The note also remains for 5 years for companies while it remains for 3 years for private individuals.

How do I do if I don’t get paid by a company abroad?

Many believe it’s more difficult to get paid by a company abroad, but it’s actually the same process as in Sweden. You can contact us and we will help you to demand payment according to the rules of the country in which the customer is located.

Do I risk the customer relationship if I send an unpaid invoice to debt collection?

Obviously not! The other way around, we have never seen a company risk their customer relationship by sending collection claims. Think like this – if you don’t send collection claims, you risk your cash flow instead. If you want to pay attention to certain customers, you can use reminder management which we can help with. It will be a last chance for the customer to pay before the collection process takes place.

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