Invoice follow-up and reminder handling

Do you want better liquidity and control over your accounts receivables? Axactor offers a modern solution that gives you full control over your receivables — tailored to you and your customer groups.

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Why invoice follow-up?

Invoices are time-sensitive and must be handled accordingly. Good routines for invoicing and reminders are important and have great significance for your company's finances and reputation. It is time-consuming to follow up invoices and ensure that payment is made. Many companies downplay this or spend an unnecessary amount of resources on getting the job done, which leads many to feel that they’re acting as "the customer's bank".

Therefore, more and more companies are choosing to let us at Axactor take over the process. We can send out the invoice to you or you can handle the invoicing yourself and leave the payment follow-up to Axactor.

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Why choose Axactor?

Axactor is an innovative company with one of Sweden's best collection environments. Our skilled advisors work proactively every day to improve your results and we help you reduce the number of credit days.

Through the Edge system, you have full control over what is requested, and the system is easily integrated with your financial system and your bank. This way, we can automatically collect payments and credits as well as suggest and follow up reminders. We send reminders according to the agreed routine and you get paid directly to your company's account.

A partnership with Axactor makes your invoices to the highest priority and you get a permanent team that knows you and your customers. Our goal is to teach your customers to pay by the due date while maintaining good customer dialogue. Our solutions ensure that you get the money faster in the account and thereby improved liquidity. We offer customized solutions for your different customer segments, procedures, and requirements.

Customer benefits

Improved liquidity

We help reduce your average DSO. You get the money faster and thereby improved liquidity. All payments, including interest and fees, go directly to your company account.

Full control

Through the client web, you always have full control over reminders, payments, and the status of cases. Turnkey integration and a user-friendly interface make it is easy to understand and use.

Frees up time

With Axactor in the team, you can focus on your core tasks while getting a more efficient cash flow and stronger customer relationships.

"We have spent a lot of time internally chasing customers who have not done the right thing for themselves. By letting Axactor as experts take care of the process instead, we can spend our time on what we are best at. In addition, we do not have to stand as scapegoats and can maintain a good relationship with our customers when Axactor takes the, in many cases, difficult dialogue."

Jesper Frehner, Sales representative, Englund-Gruppen

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