04 January 2021

Axactor Sweden


We have been informed that fraudsters are calling, claiming that they’re calling from Axactor and urging you to pay a debt through a BankID signing.

We never call you and urge you to pay a debt by signing a transaction through BankID. If you are uncertain whether a call is made by us or not, we ask you to hang up the call directly and call our customer service instead.

Be aware of:

  • Never use BankID at the request of someone who contacts you,
  • Never hand out card details, codes/passwords or other sensitive information,
  • Always read carefully through the texts available on the BankID app when it’s used,
  • Immediately contact your bank if you have been subject to fraud,
  • Immediately contact the police if you have been subject to an attempt of fraud or a completed fraud.

Please contact our customer service if you have any questions