Noora Liljeroos

Business Development Manager

What is your role in Axactor?

I work in Axactor as a Business Development Manager. My typical workday consists of internal meetings, where we discuss all kinds of development matters, such as ways for growing our business and making it even more profitable.

At times, I meet both our current and potential customers, which is something I enjoy especially – working with clients has always been close to my heart.

When I first came to Axactor, I had no previous experience of collection industry. I was, however, already familiar with Bank and Financing industry and the lessons I've learned have helped me in my current role, having financing companies as our targeted customers.

Why should one choose to work at Axactor ?

Axactor is a dynamic and agile company, having the best people to work with. Since I came to Axactor in 2020, all of my workdays have been filled with meaningful tasks. Our office in Helsinki has grown a lot during a couple of years and although all of us have various projects on our tables, the atmosphere is very calm and warm. For the future, I wait for more growth and new reasons to celebrate, as our operations develop continuously and Axactor's position as the best collection partner strenghtens.