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Let us take care of your invoices and customer relationships so you can spend time on your business and your customers.

Debt Collection

Our clients focus on their business, we take care of pending payments to your company.

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BPO & Carve Out

Do you need to optimize your production unit through a Carve Out?

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Debt Purchase

Axactor can acquire any type of debt, both secured and unsecured.

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About us

Axactor has since 2015 helped banks, financial institutions and people to manage their debts. We entered the industry with smart digital solutions and soon became one of the top 10 debt management providers in Europe. But that was just the beginning.

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In focus

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Mes Europeo de la Diversidad

Axactor España se ha unido al Charter Europeo de la Diversidad, una Carta Europea de principios que ...


Banco Sabadell y Axactor, unidos en la lucha contra el cáncer infantil.

Un año más, y como es habitual durante los últimos 4 años, Banco Sabadell y Axactor mantienen su com ...

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Axactor continúa innovando en la prestación de servicios

Axactor sigue apostando por la Innovación en Tecnología y Servicios y la adopción de nuevos sistemas ...