Whistleblower channel

Axactor aims to have a professional and positive workplace with a respectful, open and inclusive environment.

All employees in Axactor shall behave with respect and integrity towards anyone they encounter through their work. Axactor shall create an environment free from discrimination and do not tolerate any breaches of applicable laws and/or regulations, or business practice principles (as outlined in the polices and the Code of Conduct). This also applies for anyone with whom Axactor conduct business. Axactor therefore encourages everyone to report censurable conditions in accordance with this whistleblowing procedure and applicable law and welcomes the whistle-blower’s potential contribution to improvements to the Axactor organization.

The term “censurable conditions” includes circumstances that violate

  • Laws and/or regulations
  • Ethical standards set out in Axactor’s Code of Conduct
  • Measures to prevent illegal activities set out in Axactor’s policies, including the Code of Conduct, anti-money laundering, anti-fraud and anti-corruption policies.

Examples of notifiable conditions:

  • Corruption
  • Bullying or freeze-out behavior
  • Tax violations
  • Threats to life and health
  • Breaches of health, safety and environmental regulations
  • Misuse of inside information
  • Fraud, embezzlement

It is not necessary for the whistle-blower to evidence the reported condition, or to prove that it is in fact censurable. It is sufficient for the whistle-blower to be acting in good faith.

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