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Axactor helps people and companies with credit management

We are passionate, proactive and act with integrity

What we do

Let us take care of your invoices and customer relationships so you can spend time on your business and your customers.

Debt collection

By letting us take care of your debt collection cases, you can reduce your credit losses and improve your liquidity.

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Debt purchase

If you need to free up capital, it may be a good idea to sell your receivables. Let us take away the risk and effort in making sure invoices are paid.

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Account receivables management

Do you want better liquidity and control over your account receivables? We offer a modern solution that gives full control over receivables.

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About us

Axactor helps companies, banks, financial institutions and people to manage their debts. We entered the industry with smart digital solutions and soon became one of the top 10 debt management providers in Europe. But that was just the beginning.

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We believe that sustainability begins from within the organization, everyone from the top management level throughout the entire organization are accountable for conducting business in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner.

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Latest news

IR 011

Axactor changes its ticker symbol to ACR

Axactor changes its ticker symbol from AXA to ACR to avoid confusion with companies with a similar n ...

Kyrre Svae Axactor 2

Axactor appoints Kyrre Svae as interim CFO

Teemu Alaviitala has resigned from his position as CFO, effective from 11 January 2021.

Markus lauff BL n4oc S Qfg unsplash

Extraordinary general meeting - All proposals approved

Today, Axactor SE held an extraordinary general meeting as notified 16 December 2020 through a stock ...