Human rights in Axactor

Axactor is committed to responsible business conduct in all aspects of its business and have embedded fundamental principles for human and workers’ rights in its corporate values and board approved policies.

Axactor’s Code of Conduct sets out the company’s principles, standards, and the moral and ethical expectations that employees are held to, and that Axactor is committed to acting in compliance with. Axactor has also created a Supplier Code of Conduct, which Axactor’s suppliers are required to sign, ensuring that Axactor’s corporate values and commitments towards human and workers’ rights are also observed throughout its supply chain.

Axactor is subject to reporting pursuant to the Norwegian Transparency Act (åpenhetsloven), which requires companies to report on their efforts to identify, prevent and mitigate the risk of adverse human rights impacts in their operations and value chains. Through its human rights due diligence assessment, Axactor has not found evidence of any adverse human rights impacts caused or contributed to by Axactor.

Axactor's transparency act statement is included as an integrated part of its annual report. Should you have any questions about the report, or Axactor's work with respect to human- and workers' rights, you can direct such questions to

Do you have further questions about how Axactor addresses actual and potential impacts on fundamental human rights?

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