About us

Axactor helps companies, banks, financial institutions and people with debt management. We entered the industry with smart digital solutions and soon became one of the top 10 debt management providers in Europe. But that was just the beginning.

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What we are

Axactor is a European based company, investing in non-performing debt portfolios and offering services within debt collection. We believe that the debt management and collection business fulfill an important role in society. Our purpose is all about helping people and society to a better future. Our continuous focus on innovations, digital and state-of-the-art solutions for managing non-performing loans, together with cost leadership and extensive industry knowledge, has placed us as one of the main players in the European debt-collection industry. Axactor’s vision is to be the industry benchmark.

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What we want to be

At Axactor, we are convinced that the collection business plays an important role in society. We help people in a difficult financial situation take steps toward a better one, but first and foremost, we help hard-working companies get paid.

In an industry that is perceived by many as rigid and slow, we want to be experienced as accessible and energetic. We believe in strong expertise and understanding of what our customers deliver. Our goal is to be at the forefront of development, embracing smart systems and digital tools.

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What we do

As a challenger in the collection industry, we made our entrance providing innovative, cost-efficient and smart solutions within IT and operations. Solutions that we believe will revolutionize the industry. We are always developing new technology, IT-structure and digital solutions. For example, we have a technological platform specifically designed for scaling up our next-generation debt management business. We are not stuck in the old ways of working, we are building a lean and efficient organisation, fit for the future.

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What we’ve done

We have acquired large portfolios from some of the most reputable European and Nordic banks, and are winning significant contracts with well-known financial institutions. Our focus has been on the market of unsecured Business to Consumer (B2C) loans, but we have also invested in portfolios of secured non-performing loans (NPL).

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Our purpose, vision and values

Axactor's purpose, vision and core values are the foundation on which we build our business. They define who we are, what we want to achieve, how we will compete, and sets priorities in our daily work.

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Our financial targets

We have set realistic targets which outline a clear direction going forward.

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Our strategy

At Axactor we are pursuing a niche strategy. We do not want to be best on everything, but to be best in our carefully selected markets. ​​​​​​​


Axactor is a young company founded in 2015. To reach our full potential we will continue to focus on growth to become stronger and harvest economies of scale. The focus is to grow in our existing markets in Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Cost leadership

Our competitive advantage is cost-to-collect. Today we believe we are the most cost-efficient player in Europe. We work extremely hard every day to defend and further improve that position. That is our gold.


On a group level, our strategy is to be the best debt collection agency on 3PC (collection on non-performing loans on behalf of others) and NPL (acquisition of non-performing loans) for Bank and finance on business to consumer unsecured debt. That is what we are best at and where we believe we can thrive on a group level. However, locally we do have great market positions and opportunities beyond the segments described above, which are a key part of the country-specific strategies.

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Our history

Axactor was established November 2015 in Sweden. Right from the start, we have focused on consolidating and creating a European debt management player. The first transaction was the acquisition of Spanish ALD Abogados in late 2015. The following year we acquired four more companies, expanding our geographical footprint to Norway, Italy and Germany.

In 2018 we acquired SPT Group OY, which marked our entry into Finland. Meanwhile, we developed our unique, next-generation debt management platform to handle the growing number of loan portfolios. In 2021 we strengthened our position in the Italian market with the acquisition of C.R. Service.

In addition, we have secured several third-party collection deals that have been added to the platform. Today, Axactor has more than 1,200 employees and a book value of own portfolios of more than EUR 1 billion. Leading people, systems and funding enable us to deliver efficient and value-creating operations, at a low cost.