Investor relations

Axactor AB’s Investor Relations team is striving to serve all shareholders and potential investors by providing consistent, open and timely disclosure of relevant information.

We will endeavor to provide equal treatment of all stakeholders, including banks, analysts and institutional investors in addition to the existing shareholders of the Company.

Through our Investor Relations activities we seek to keep the capital markets continuously informed about relevant factors for a fair valuation of the Company’s traded securities.

Investor Relations Contact:
Geir Johansen CFO
Mobil +47 477 10 451


«Axactor aims at maintaining a sound financial structure, reflecting the capital requirements of its business and growth opportunities»


Primary insiders

Bjørn Erik Næss
Chairman of the Board

Dag Strømme
Board member

Michael Hylander
Deputy Board member

 Endre Rangnes
Chief Executive Officer

Johnny Vasili Tsolis
Executive Vice President Strategy and projects

Oddgeir Hansen
Chief Operating Officer

Siv Farstad
Executive Vice President Human Resources

Robin Knowles
Executive Vice President Portfolio Acquisitions

Adrian Scott
EVP Sales

Geir Johansen
Chief Financial Officer

Bente Brocks
Group Chief Accountant

Johan Olof Palmgren

Lars Valseth
Portfolio Manager

Brita Eilertsen
Board member

Merete Haugli
Board member

Terje Mjøs
Board member

Beate Nygårdshaug
Board member

Anders Gulbrandsen
Treasury Manager




Financial calendar

Quarterly Report – Q1 – 08.05.2017
Quarterly Report – Q2 – 14.08.2017
Quarterly Report – Q3 – 01.11.2017
Quarterly Report – Q4 – 23.02.2018

General meeting May 31, 2017

Annual Report – 20.04.2017


Annual reports

Download (PDF): Axactor Annual Report 2015
Download (PDF): Axactor Annual Report 2016


Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting 2017

Download: Minutes of the AGM of Axactor AB (publ) (2017-05-31)
Download: Protokoll fört vid årsstämma i Axactor AB (publ) (2017-05-31)
Download: Summary of the 2017 Annual General Meeting in Axactor AB (2017-05-31)
Download: Årsstämmokommuniké 2017 (2017-05-31)
Download: How to attend the AGM
Download: Summons to AGM in Axactor AB
Download: Kallelse till årsstämma i Axactor AB
Download: Proposal from the Nomination Committee
Download: Valberedningens förslag
Download: Fullmakt/Proxy with voting instructions alt.1
Download: Fullmalt/Proxy without voting instructions alt.2
Download: Item 22 - The BOD declaration of remuneration policy for the executive team
Download: Item 22 - Corporate governance report
Download: Item 20 - Guidelines for the Nomination Committee
Download: Item 19 - Opinion of the Board according to chapter 19 section 22 of the Swedish Companies Act
Download: Item 18 - Amendments of the terms and conditions for the 2016 employee stock option program
Download: Item 17(a) - Warrants (for Stock option program A_2017)
Download: Item 17(b) - Warrants (for Stock option program B_2017)
Download: Item 16(a) - Stock option program A_2017
Download: Item 16(b) - Stock option program B_2017
Download: Item 15 - Proposal to authorize the BOD to issue new shares etc
Download: Item 14 - Proposal for new articles of association
Download: Punkt 22 - Ersättning till ledande befattningshavare
Download: Punkt 22 - Bolagsstyrningsrapport
Download: Punkt 20 - Riktlinjer för valberedningen
Download: Punkt 19 - tyrelsens motiverande yttrande enligt 19 kap. 22 § ABL
Download: Punkt 18 - Förslag till ändringar av personaloptionsprogram 2016
Download: Punkt 17(a) - Teckningsoptioner (förpersonaloptionsprogram A_2017) 
Download: Punkt 17(b) - Teckningsoptioner (för personaloptionsprogram B_2017)
Download: Punkt 16(a) - Personaloptionsprogram A_2017
Download: Punkt 16(b) - Personaloptionsprogram B_2017
Download: Punkt 15 - Emissionsbemyndigande
Download: Punkt 14 - Förslag till ny bolagsordning

Extraordinary Annual General Meeting 2016

Download: Kallesle till extra bolagsståmma i Axactor AB
Download: Ombudsfullmakt
Download: Notice of extraordinary general meeting in Axactor AB
Download: Power of Attorney - Proxy
Download: Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Axactor AB (publ), January 20, 2017

Annual General Meeting 2016

Download: Summary of the 2016 Annual General Meeting in Axactor AB (2016-05-26)
Download: Protokoll årsstämma Axactor AB (publ) 26 maj 2016
Download: Axactor annual report 2015 (2016-04-22)
Download: Item 19 (a) and (b) – Boards_ proposal (2016-05-02)
Download: New Articles of Association of Axactor AB as from AGM May 26, 2016
Download: Notice of 2016 AGM of Axactor AB (publ)
Download: Proxy form AGM 26 May 2016
Download: Punkt 18 – Styrelsens förslag – Boards’ proposal (2016-05-02) (Eng)
Download: Årsredovisning Axactor 2015 (svenska) master 1601420
Download: Axactor AGM-kallelse 2016 (Swe) – Final
Download: Förslag till ny bolagsordning
Download: Punkt 18 – Styrelsens förslag (2016-05-02) (Swe)
Download: Punkt 19 (a) och (b) – Styrelsens förslag (2016-05-02)


Shareholder list

Shareholder lists are provided by Oslo Market Solutions AS, with data from VPS ASA.

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