05 March 2024

Axactor Spain

Axactor obtains the Madrid Excellent quality certification

Axactor Spain has successfully passed a new renewal of the Madrid Excellent license granted on November 5, 2020, and which is valid until October 27, 2026.

This Quality Certification of the Community of Madrid recognizes and certifies the commitment to excellence of companies and institutions that are committed to innovation, constant improvement and active contribution to the economic and social development of Madrid.

What is Madrid Excelente?

Madrid Excelente is the quality certification of the Community of Madrid. It is part of the Madrid Foundation for Competitiveness, a non-profit organization with the aim of improving business competitiveness in the Community of Madrid. The Madrid Excellent certification is awarded to organizations that are committed to continuous improvement, innovation, environmental and social care and customer satisfaction.


The purpose of Madrid Excellent is to help companies in the Community of Madrid in their development as competitive, innovative and responsible entities with the planet and society.


Companies distinguished with the certification increase consumer confidence, improve their profitability and obtain the support of the Community of Madrid.

  • Reputation

The Madrid Excellent seal endorses the company and reinforces its image before clients and organizations.

  • Networking

Madrid Excellent companies share experiences with related organizations and generate synergies with the Administration. To achieve this, we organize forums, institutional visits and national and international business meetings, among other events.

  • Learning

Permanent training through courses and seminars for professionals, managers and businessmen and publications on different areas.

  • Improvement plan

Every year a technical report is prepared with the strengths of each organization and its areas for improvement, which serves as a tool to measure excellence and differentiation with the competition.

  • Increased competitiveness and profitability

By improving the functioning of the organization and its internal management system, greater effectiveness and efficiency is achieved, which translates into better results.

  • Customer satisfaction

Continuous improvement in processes results in higher quality of consumer services.

  • Innovation

Annual monitoring and continuous review allow the reality of the company to be adapted to the permanent innovation of each sector.

  • Visibility

We value excellent actions and disseminate them through our own and external communication channels.

  • Notoriety

Madrid Excellent prepares companies in their candidatures for the CEX Awards for Good Practices (awarded by the National Association of Centers of Excellence) and the QIA Awards, Quality Innovation Awards, an international competition in the field of innovation.

  • Preparation for the future

Madrid Excellent organizations have the necessary tools to address the challenges that the future poses, assessing opportunities and risks and following a structure.


How does it work?

Madrid Excellent has its own certification model, which does not focus on a single aspect of management, but rather includes all the aspects that make a company an excellent organization. It is structured based on four foundations: purpose, planet, people and progress and is translated into a questionnaire through which companies can measure their progress each year. The certification process is centralized on a digital platform and consists of 5 steps after sending the official application:

  • Self appraisal.

The first step is the self-assessment of the organizations through a questionnaire. This offers a diagnosis of the situation, both for the businessman and for Madrid Excellent. You can consult the self-assessment questionnaire here.

  • External evaluation.

The most prestigious certification entities in the country verify compliance with the minimum quality standards in their management, which allows organizations to contrast their beliefs and estimate their progress year after year. These independent experts offer a report with strengths and areas for improvement in all areas of management.

  • Quality Commission and Governing Board.

Both organizations approve the granting of the Madrid Excellent quality seal for a period of three years.

  • Certification and signing of the contract.

The license allows the use of the Madrid Excellent seal on both physical and digital media. Obtaining the Madrid Excellent quality seal entails paying the following fees.

  • Follow-up.

An evaluation is carried out annually by an independent certification company. Thus, the Madrid Excellent certified company is accompanied in its process of continuous improvement, generating more and more capabilities and, ultimately, becoming more competitive.

A Madrid Excelente company is an egalitarian, ethical and transparent organization that generates quality employment, cares about the development (personal and professional) of its employees, protects the environment, and contributes to the development of the sociocultural environment of the communities where it works. .

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