27 November 2023

Axactor Spain

Axactor is a “Great Place To Work”

After receiving the results of the Great Place to Work survey, carried out on September 29, the company has achieved the certification. Axactor is a Great Place To Work.


This certification has been achieved in all the countries in which Axactor is present, and it is a result of what is truly important to the company: The people who are part of the organization.

The evolution since this survey began is positive, each year there has been improvement in all areas, supported by corporate culture and values. Axactor has been adapting all its actions based on the recommendations received.

From this year's survey we can highlight the following points:

  • Everyone is treated fairly, regardless of gender, age, race, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.
  • There is a good work environment.
  • The people are sociable and friendly.
  • New employees feel welcome.
  • There is more satisfaction with benefits, with flexibility when necessary, and with the resources received to do the job.
  • The company is more innovative, and open to new and better ways of doing things.

We will continue working to make Axactor…

A Great Place To Work!


A Great Place to Work is an organization that wants to achieve excellent business results by taking care of the people who are part of it. They are companies, associations, universities... that have understood the value of the members of their organization to achieve the objectives they set.

The difference with the rest of the organizations is that they are able to balance important tasks with emergencies. That is, they are aware of the importance of recognizing, listening, developing... and they do it today, not tomorrow.

They tend to be business success stories, because they are focused on continuous improvement, because they always demand a better version of themselves and because they have the differential value of keeping their employees excited.

How do you become a Great Place to Work?

A Great Place to Work is built by working in two areas:

  • Employee experience: what is it like to be an employee? How they treat you? Do they recognize the work? Is there good communication?…
  • Policies and Management Practices: these are the initiatives that the company implements to promote employee experience. Examples: the promotion process, internal communication... are processes that influence people's commitment and therefore their performance.

In both areas, Great Place to Work built a model based on the observation of the best companies to work for. This model is continually updated, with data from more than 15,000 organizations in more than 60 countries.

The most characteristic thing about these companies is that the majority of people are proud to belong to that organization and want to give their best to achieve results.

More information about Great Place To Work: LINK