Nespresso chose Axactor

Nespresso is the market leader in premium portioned coffee and plays an essential role in the everyday life of many people. Nespresso is a challenger in the industry by enabling anyone to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee. In an industry requiring rapid change, an adaptable and proactive provider of accounts receivable and debt collection services is crucial.

“Rapid changes require a supplier that is able and willing to respond quickly – Axactor lived up perfectly to these expectations,” says Kai Christoph Schmellenkamp, Accounting Manager in Nespresso Nordic.

A changing industry requires new solutions

Nespresso requested a proposal to change supplier of invoice distribution and debt collection in all Nordic countries. Their current vendor did not meet Nespresso’s requirements for flexibility, efficiency and a smooth process. Besides, they did not get the dedicated service and collaboration that is needed for continuous optimization and further growth.

In tough competition with all the large players in the industry, Axactor won the tender process.

Axactor provides services for the entire Nordic market for Nespresso through its operations in Norway, Sweden and Finland and in Denmark through a collaboration with Collectia, one of Denmark’s largest debt collection agencies.

“We got a positive impression of Axactor right from the start. In addition to being an experienced and professional supplier, Axactor is competitive on price. They operate with a modern and efficient organizational structure where a tailormade and experienced Nespresso team was in place early in the tender process,” says Schmellenkamp.

More efficient, professional and smooth process

When asked what challenges Axactor solves for Nespresso, Kai Christoph Schmellenkamp says: “There are many tasks Axactor has helped us solve, both on the technical, operational and human level. The onboarding went smoothly, and the challenges that arose during the process were quickly solved. The focus is on looking for opportunities and finding more efficient solutions and work processes so that we can develop the service and delivery together. Axactor strives to tailor the solution for Nespresso with the necessary and correct components/services. We used to spend unnecessarily much time on reminder work and invoice administration, but with Axactor, the whole process has become more professional, time efficient and agile.

The partnership with Axactor has a positive effect on Nespresso’s finances

During the onboarding process, Axactor’s professionally skilled employees discovered that the reminder- and debt collection process Nespresso had practiced in the Nordic countries was not in line with current laws and regulations. Based on Axactor’s long experience and knowledge in the industry, an optimal and compliant reminder flow was crafted. The reminder process is continuously optimized and tailormade to Nespresso’s customers. The partnership has already given visible, positive results on Nespresso’s KPIs: Days of Sales Outstanding (DSO) has been reduced, resulting in improved cash flow and a clear positive impact on Nespresso’s finances. At the same time, Nespresso saves time and money. Win-win!

“We see the partnership as a journey, where we continuously strive for development and more efficient processes. In an industry that never sleeps, it is required that our suppliers and we can adapt quickly and meet the changes that are coming. Axactor is a young company with a lot of energy and knowledge that meet us on all our requirements and wishes. Our experience is that other suppliers do not have the energy and courage that we are dependent on to improve constantly. Axactor was outstanding on this vital aspect. Axactor places us in the driver’s seat and develops and drives the customer relationship forward,” according to Nespresso’s Kai Christoph.

About Nespresso

The Nespresso story began with a simple idea: enable anyone to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee – just like a skilled barista. From its beginning, Nespresso has redefined and revolutionized the way millions of people enjoy their espresso coffee. It has shaped the global coffee culture. Nespresso’s singular focus is on delivering the highest quality coffees and ultimate coffee experiences to its consumers cup after cup.

The unique business model of Nespresso allows them to guarantee quality at every stage of the sourcing, production and sale of our coffees, and to maintain a direct privileged relationship with our consumers.

The Nestlé Nespresso company is an autonomous globally managed business of the Nestlé Group. With corporate headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso is present in over 60 countries and counts more than 12,000 employees worldwide.

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