Operations Summit

Axactor Spain

Madrid, February 8th 2023

Today, the Axactor Spain Operations Summit was held, an event that establishes the objectives to be accomplished in 2023 and which has had the participation of all the area managers, including the Legal, Collections, Portfolio, IT, BI and Back Office Department.

This year, the event was attended by the Group Chief Operating Officer, Sander Sønju Friise, who in his speech highlighted the main milestones achieved in the last quarter of 2022, such as: Strategy targets accomplished, the stability of the Operations performance and the control of the department's expenses.

Ignacio Gómez Nalda, Director of Operations at Axactor Spain, broke down in his presentation all the achievements achieved last year, presenting a financial summary, as well as a detail of the challenges to be met in 2023:

  • 2022 Results: Third Party Services and Own Portfolios.
  • Technological innovations made and future developments.
  • Major changes in operations departments.
  • Priorities for 2023.

To conclude the session, both Andrés Lizarralde, BI Manager, and Luis Huete, IT Director, reviewed the main projects they are currently working on, as well as a brief description of the structure and operation of their respective departments.

In conclusion, a day that lays the foundations for all the work that will be carried out during 2023, trying to align the entire Operations team and focusing efforts on well-defined objectives.