23 October 2018

Axactor Spain

Axactor acquires a new unsecured portfolio from Caja Rural del Sur

Axactor has reached a new agreement with Caja Rural del Sur for the purchase of an unsecured portfolio of 180 million euros in nominal value. The project, called "Murillo", consists of 3,000 files, and together with this new acquisition, Axactor will have under its own management more than 5,000 million euros.

This is the second transaction that Axactor has closed with Caja Rural del Sur through a bilateral agreement. The ability to close contracts with different entities and in different debt segments shows the capacity of both the management team and the valuation team of Axactor Spain.

In turn, Axactor continues to grow in all types of debt, both secured, unsecured and REOs, combining the purchase of portfolios with the best possible third-party service.

“We are seeing the fruit of the great work done by the entire Axactor Spain team, although the investment made in 2018 has been high, we are sure that we will reach more similar agreements before the end of 2018” David Martín and Andrés López, Directors General Axactor Spain ".