20 December 2018

Axactor Spain

Axactor concludes 2018 with the largest investment operation carried out to date

Axactor Spain has closed its largest transaction of 2018.

The purchase is an unsecured portfolio, from one of the largest financial entities in the country, with a balance of approximately 940mEUR and more than 100,000 cases.

In 2018, Axactor successfully completed the purchase of 10 portfolios with a nominal value of more than 6,000 m EUR, achieving for the first time since the creation of the company to position itself as the leader in management volume in the sector.

"Axactor Spain has managed to acquire this large portfolio in the last quarter of 2018. This portfolio will provide us with a great boost for 2019 throughout the business and will complement our achievements in the rest of the areas, secured and REO", say David Martín and Andrés López , General Directors of Axactor Spain.