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Here you will find information on what you should do, if you want to make a payment, if you want more details about your case, if you have a debt that you are unable to pay or if you want more information. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

Pay directly with Quick Pay

Do you want to pay directly and be done with it?

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Payment information

It is important that you pay your debt before the due date, to avoid worsening your financial position towards banking and financial institutions or before your practice is entrusted to the lawyer.

Pay smoothly with Axactor Quick Pay

If you want to pay directly, you can do so easily by using Axactor Quick Pay. You don't need to log in, but you need access to your reference number. All information you need to pay is in the communication you received from us.

Want to see the details of your case and pay?

If you want to see details of your case and pay, you can log in to "My Axactor". You can log in with Mobile and pay by card or PayPal.

Payment through your bank

You can always make a payment through your bank. Just remember that it is important that you use the correct information so that your payment can be registered in the corresponding case. You can find the reference number in the communication we have sent to you.

I can't pay the whole debt at once

No worries, we will help you. In many situations, it is possible to set up an installment plan. The best way to apply for a plan is by logging in to "My Axactor". You can then register how much you are able to pay per month. You will receive a confirmation if your proposal is approved or if we must decide on your case manually.

Do you have a query?

We have compiled a list with to the most frequent questions. To our questions and answers >

Get in touch with our customer service

If you have questions and want to talk to us, call our customer service on 0171 65694.
You can also reach us by e-mail at

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