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Let us take care of your invoices and customer relationships so you can spend time on your business and your customers.

Debt Purchase

Debt Purchase is buying performing and non-performing, secure and unsecured debts from a company. The price depends on the age and quality of the debt.

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Debt Collection

In Axactor, we help you get paid while managing your customer in an objective and professional way and that preserves your relationship. We do everything we can to find ways that suit your customer so you get money as soon as possible. If the case needs to be taken to court, we have specialized teams that can prepare all the legal actions required to present the case. By letting us take care of your debt collection cases, you can reduce your credit losses and improve your cash flow.

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Cleaning balance sheet service

Clean up your balance sheet and reduce management costs by eliminating bad debt. Transfer them to Axactor for tax savings.

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Alessandro Scorsone

Sales & Marketing Director Italy