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Finance 003

17 December 2020

Axactor Italy

Press release

Axactor Italy confirms performance improvement in 2020


09 September 2020

Axactor Italy

Alessandro Scorsone is Sales & Marketing Director of Axactor Italy.

Christin hume h Buw V Lc Y Tn A unsplash

06 July 2020

Axactor Italy

Axactor, A&F e Gma, sign a partnership to offer 360° solutions for utp and npl credits management

Urban 011

16 March 2020

Axactor Italy

How Axactor handles Covid-19: contingency plan and measures

Technology 005

10 March 2020

Axactor Italy

Axactor Italy purchases a new paying npl portfolio from a leading italian financial institution

Finance 003

14 February 2020

Axactor Italy

Axactor Italy closed 2019 with revenues for 25.1 million of Euro, up 124% compared to 2018




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Antonio Cataneo

CEO Axactor Italy