Management in Sweden

The core of this company comes from the people who builds Axactor brick by brick. Persons with exceptional skills, great experience and a strong passion in what we do.

Meet the Swedish management team

Lisa Sohtell

Country Manager

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Malin Hestner

Operations Director

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Pähr Johansson

Finance Director

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One Axactor – Our culture and philosophy

We started Axactor because we saw the need for something new. In a world that never stands still, where financial institutions change every day, where systems become more efficient and where old business models die out, we saw the opportunity to challenge the traditional debt collection industry. We wanted to fill the gap that others didn't see and build a company that would change the industry forever.

The core of our business comes from the people who build Axactor. Talented employees with exceptional qualities, solid experience, and strong passion for what we do. Employees who share a passion for effective solutions and a common view of how we solve tasks, challenges and see opportunities. We are convinced that the employees are the decisive factor for success.

Although we operate in several countries with different laws and regulations, we all share the same knowledge, culture, and values. Our IT strategy, standardized systems and common digital platform are cornerstones of our business strategy. We are united according to our ethical rules which are clearly reflected in how we lead and how we deliver.

All of this unites our view of how we build and develop Axactor. It brings us together under a common flag, sets us apart from our competitors and gives us a clear voice to our investors, customers and debtors, no matter where they meet us.

We call it One Axactor.