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Let us take care of your invoices and customer relationships so you can spend time on your business and your customers.

Invoice follow-up and reminder handling

Do you want better liquidity and control over your accounts receivables? Axactor offers a modern solution that gives you full control over your receivables — tailored to you and your customer groups.

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Debt Collection and claims management

Do you have customers who do not pay? Axactor has one of Sweden's best debt collection departments and long experience of debt collection. We find solutions that your customers are happy with so that you get your money as quickly as possible while maintaining your good customer relationship. By letting us take care of your debt collection cases, you can reduce your credit losses and improve your liquidity.

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Receivables purchases

If you need to free up capital, it may be a good idea to sell your receivables. Axactor can buy all or part of your overdue loan portfolio.

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Country Manager

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