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We aquire your debts as they occur.

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Why sell receivables?

Banks, financial institutions and enterprises in many other industries are struggling with the same problem: over time, an increasing amount of overdue and uncertain receivables begin to accumulate in the balance sheet.

Some of these overdue receivables are still in active collection, some have already been written off as credit losses. Still, non-performing receivables and loans tie up capital that could be in a much better use.

Selling overdue receivables to us will help you clean up your company’s balance sheet and free up capital that can then be used in more productive business.

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Why Axactor?

Axactor is a Nordic-based, next-generation debt management company, with operations in six European countries. We have a track record of solid growth and a strong financial position.

We are one of the largest companies purchasing NPL portfolios in Europe, investing hundreds of millions of euros annually in receivables purchases. Our comprehensive processes, modern IT infrastructure and strong financial position enable us to take over debt portfolios to our management rapidly.

Founded in 2015, we have rapidly risen to become one of the top-10 providers in Europe. In Finland, Axactor is one of the largest debt collection agencies and we help over 20,000 Finnish companies with our receivables management and debt collection services.

Benefits for you as a seller

Strong and International

Axactor is one of the largest debt management companies and buyers of NPL portfolios in Europe. We are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and our financial position is strong.

Experienced Buyer

We have purchased dozens of large non-performing loan portfolios across Europe. We invest hundreds of millions of euros annually in debt purchases.

Create value

By selling, you release capital that can be used to create value. Axactor takes over responsibility of the portfolio.

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Lisa Sohtell

Country Manager