About us

We are one of Sweden's largest debt collection companies that specializes in buying non-performing loans (NPL) within Banking and Finance. We are at the forefront of development and for several years have built a business with smart systems and digital tools that optimize and streamline collection. Our fantastic team has many years of experience from the industry regarding IT, portfolio valuation, operational processes, and business development, this ensures high quality throughout the entire sales process but also a partner who knows the importance of managing your brand in the best way.

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Who we are

Axactor is a Nordic-based, next-generation debt management company, with operations in six European countries. We have a track record of solid growth and a strong financial position. We are always looking for new opportunities to grow within new and existing markets. Founded in 2015, we have rapidly risen to become one of the top 10 providers in Europe and our ambitions are high. We are committed to find sustainable solutions for our customers and debtors and work hard to deliver high quality.

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What we want to be

At Axactor, we believe that the collection business plays an important role in society. We help people in a difficult financial situation take steps toward a better one, but first and foremost, we help hard-working companies get paid. In an industry that is perceived by many as rigid and slow, we want to be experienced as accessible and energetic. We believe in strong expertise and understanding what our customers deliver. Our goal is to be in the forefront of development, embracing smart systems and digital tools.

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What we do

As a challenger in the collection industry, we made our entrance providing innovative, cost-efficient and smart solutions within IT and operations. Solutions that we believe will revolutionize the industry. We are continuously developing new technology, IT-structure and digital solutions. For example, we have a technological platform specifically designed for scaling up our next-generation debt management business. We are not stuck in the old ways of working, we are building a lean and efficient organisation, fit for the future.

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What we’ve done

Over the last years we have been building Axactor Sweden. We have invested in several portfolios, onboarded several big banks as clients, built and implemented the most efficient processes and routines, developed digital solutions for payments, client and customer portals and recruited, expanded and analyzed market conditions and data and strived towards our target to be industry benchmark within the Bank and Finance sector, something that we also have succeeded in.

Our company values

Our core values support our culture and serve as a declaration of how we treat each other, our customers, debtors and our partners. As we expand into new markets, recruit new talent and face new challenges, these guide our people in the decisions and actions they take every day.


We are passionate with great knowledge in the industry.


We act with integrity, create trust and build long-term relationships.


We are proactive in taking on future expectations.

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Our strategy

We specialize in debt purchasing, management and collection across Europe, and have a clear strategy for growth. Currently, we have operations in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain and Italy. From our home base in the Nordics, we have an ambitious Pan-European growth strategy that targets sound markets for owning and collecting on non-performing loans (NPL). This market is estimated to be about 1 000 billion euros across Europe, providing significant opportunities for Axactor's future expansion.

We already have established a solid track record of growth and a strong financial position. We are continuously investigating new growth opportunities within existing and new markets that offer a regulatory framework and are receptive to our next-generation debt management approach. Consolidation is also part of our growth strategy. We believe Axactor’s platform and our ability to invest and deliver market leading, digitally driven operations makes us an attractive partner for companies that lack the capabilities to realize their full potential.