Equality in companies


How do equality plans improve companies?

  1. They improve productivity. All the experts agree on this point. Equality plans encourage better use of time. This is not insignificant, as Spain is among the countries which work the most and produce the least. In general, they result in greater dedication and productivity.
  2. It reduces absenteeism. Among other things, because it reduces stress among the workforce, and allows for, as a start, situations such as work-life balance.
  3. It improves the workplace climate. By reducing the differences between male and female colleagues, it improves the atmosphere in the workplace, as has been demonstrated in the various studies on companies which have introduced these measures. Labour conflicts decrease.
  4. It streamlines timetables. These types of measures contribute to more rational use of time and modern management of human resources.
  5. It encourages flexibility in the organisation.
  6. It develops creativity and innovation. Through implementation of equality plans, companies are committing to taking advantage of women's talent in the same way as they do with that of men. Non-discrimination in recruitment by companies entails a broader range of jobs requiring greater skills. Savings are therefore achieved in recruitment and training, and talent is retained.
  7. Better adaptation of the range of products and services to the market.
  8. Preference in the awarding of contracts from public administrations.
  9. Credibility of social responsibility. These companies can convey an image of excellence to society and, therefore, have a competitive advantage.