Why recycling is important


Given the challenge of recycling the world is facing, it is crucial that all individuals, companies and government agencies are involved in implementing measures and habits that make our planet an inhabitable place. As part of the responsibility companies have when implementing these responsible behaviours, we can highlight a series of advantages which make recycling a good choice.

  1. First of all, we must highlight that reusing products more than once is of great benefit to our planet. We can consider non-biodegradable products to be a priority, as all that we recycle will prevent more products of this type from being produced, thus reducing consumption of natural resources.
  2. It means energy savings, as companies are faced with less production, with the resulting savings involved.
  3. It reduces our dependence on oil. Each tonne of paper recycled represents energy savings of over 4,000 Kw/h; in the case of aluminium cans, there is a 95% difference in energy consumption between production and recycling. The use of petroleum in producing these articles is general, and therefore it also has a positive impact by reducing the emission of gases into the atmosphere.
  4. It reduces environmental pollution. When dumps destroy rubbish by incineration, it involves emitting polluting gases. Recycling reduces the volume of waste at dumps.
  5. Creation of new jobs, required at recycling plants.
  6. We prevent deforestation, as all the paper recycled prevents new paper being produced.