09 September 2020

Axactor Italy

Alessandro Scorsone is Sales & Marketing Director of Axactor Italy.

Axactor Italy, part of the Axactor SE International Group, a leading player in the Italian Credit Management market with over twenty years of experience in the sector, announces that Alessandro Scorsone is Sales & Marketing Director.

Scorsone, who reports directly to the CEO Antonio Cataneo, is responsible for everything concerning the development of the business and marketing strategies, from the definition of objectives and commercial strategies to the maintenance of relationships with customers, the development of new services. and the supervision of external communication activities.

Among the roles covered during the previous experiences in financial servicing and information technology fields, for Italian and international companies, we note that of Chief Investment Officer at Kruk Italia and CEO at AgeCredit (100% controlled by Kruk SA) and previously, with increasing responsibilities, in Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA, Thomson Reuters and Ribes SpA.

Scorsone was born in 1975 and graduated in 2000 in Economic and Banking Sciences at the University of Siena, and then concluded the training course with a Master, organized by the University of Siena, in Management of Financial Institutions and New Information Technologies ( GINTS).

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Antonio Cataneo

CEO Axactor Italy