Axactor reinvents itself: big ideas need a clear mind

Axactor launches its rebranding

With the aim of protecting the strength of its brand, strengthening its visibility and continuing to create value for the company, Axactor has recently renewed its brand identity. The interventions concerned substantially all elements of identity. New colors to work with have been introduced, gray, blue and green have been joined to the primary color, yellow, which represents the energy and creativity of a market-oriented company. New images have been inserted, with more vivid content and colors, in line with the story of a young reality, but with rapid growth behind it, which in just 3 years has become a company among the leaders in Europe in the management and debt collection. The Group is in fact currently operating in 6 countries (Finland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Spain) and has a total of over 1,100 employees. New typographic elements have been used, with more modern and characteristic contents. New graphic elements and icons have been introduced to communicate more immediately and effectively and simplify the user experience. Even greater importance has been attributed to the values ​​of the company: Passion, Trust and Proactive, fundamental elements in support of Axactor's "way of work", which is based on active and constant collaboration, on the use of standardized digital tools and on sharing of knowledge and skills, aimed at achieving common goals. A philosophy that can be summarized according to a single concept: "One Axactor". Finally, these innovations were accompanied by the revision of the site, to make it more intuitive and usable for customers and collaborators.

The new guidelines therefore play an important role in achieving commercial objectives, in the way every Axactor employee works and in managing communications with investors, customers, employees and stakeholders.