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06 July 2020

Axactor Italy

Axactor, A&F e Gma, sign a partnership to offer 360° solutions for utp and npl credits management

The new collaboration will be presented on July the 7th 2020, on the occasion of the digital conference "Real Estate: The Question Mark For The Future?"

Axactor Italy, part of the International Axactor Group, a reference player in the Italian Credit Management market with over twenty years of experience in the sector, GMA, a company operating since 2008 in the Credit Management sector with a strong specialization in real estate and A&F, reference operator in the NPLs securitization and business consultancy market, they communicate to have entered into a collaboration with the aim of being able to present themselves on the UTP & NPL market with a complete and integrated offer.

The partnership is based on the integration of services such as the analysis of credit portfolios, the identification of the best strategies for the management and recovery of unsecured and secured positions and advisory activities, if necessary, for any corporate or financial restructuring.

Thanks to this collaboration, Axactor, A&F and GMA will make available to their customers, especially for banking and financial sectors, and to NPL and UTP investors, integrated advice in Credit Management, with highly specialized skills and professionalism: from the management and collection of unsecured loans, Axactor's core business, to corporate advisory, the core of A&F's action, to the management of secured positions and underlying real estate by GMA. The agreement provides for Axactor is responsible for coordinating the activities and, in agreement with A&F and GMA, for planning the actions to be taken.

Antonio Cataneo, CEO of Axactor Italy commented
: "We strongly wanted this agreement with two companies that allow us to present ourselves to the market as a single player, with strong vertical skills and many years of experience in certain niches in the sector. I believe that, with this collaboration, Axactor will certainly be able to increase the quality of its offer and expand its market share, in a period, the post Covid one, which will predictably see an increase in critical situations to be managed for banks and financial companies".

Fabio Stupazzini CEO and Founder of A&F, commented: “We are very happy to be able to start with this project which sees us collaborate with two reference partners that we have taken several times in their securitization operations. I am convinced that in the market in the coming years there will be an increasing need for multi-functional skills to be able to manage increasingly complex and articulated situations as unfortunately the recent events related to Covid-19 have taught us. The concentration of many problematic positions in large national and international operators will increasingly require the support of complementary external skills".

Emanuele Grassi, CEO and Founder of GMA, commented: “We are happy to have signed a partnership with two reference players in areas complementary to ours. In a market where specialization makes the difference and in which there are huge masses of credits to manage, we believe that the time is ripe to present a proposal of services that can respond to both needs. All three of us want to expand our commercial offer on other fronts: today we present ourselves to the debt collection market as a team of people with complementary skills, still maintaining our DNA and our focus. "

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Antonio Cataneo

CEO Axactor Italy