Our partners

Axactor Norway collaborates with a number of companies. Here is a selection of our partners.

Our integration partners

We have integration with all known financial systems. Here you see a selection of our largest integration partners.

Sparebank1 Regnskap

Axactor has a user-friendly and seamless integration with Sparebank1 Regnskap, perfect for large and small companies that want easy handling of accounting and invoicing.

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Poweroffice GO

PowerOffice Go is an award-winning and complete financial system for small and medium-sized businesses. Get full control over your finances with an automated, user-friendly and smart accounting experience that gives you an easier everyday working life.

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Visma.net ERP

Visma.net ERP is a web-based ERP system for larger companies - and companies that plan significant growth in the coming years. The system is delivered as an off-the-shelf item, but with many options to adapt it to your needs.

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DNB Regnskap

Axactor has a user-friendly and seamless integration with DNB Regnskap, perfect for large and small companies that want easy handling of accounting and invoicing.

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Axactor has a user-friendly integration with Cordel, a cloud-based system specially adapted to craftsmen, contractors and specialist trade. The integration gives you the option of invoice follow-up and debt collection integrated with the system.

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Tripletex simplifies everyday life for small and medium-sized companies in all industries. Tripletex is a cloud-based and flexible financial system that can easily be adapted to your company's needs and routines.

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Uni Economy Regnskap

Axactor has a user-friendly and seamless integration with Uni Economy Accounts, perfect for large and small companies that want easy handling of accounts and invoicing.

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Our partners

CEO Commitment

Leadership pledge for increased diversity, inclusion and equality in the business world under the auspices of MAK & ODA - Women in Tech Network.

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Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work® makes it easy to survey the quality of culture and management, support development and movement, and recognize those who succeed.

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Resurs Bank

Resurs Bank is a Nordic retail niche bank with ambitions. Listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Resurs works to create smart payment and financing solutions for consumers and businesses, and now also offers business loans and invoice purchases.

We help you find good opportunities for business financing and increased liquidity with 100% financing!

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Neonomics delivers the next generation of open banking services, with everything from data to account and account payments.

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The world's most used credit information agency for credit checks of both companies and individuals. With Creditsafe's services for credit assessments, you avoid loss of credit and can say yes to more customers.

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Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is a leading global provider of business data and analytics that enables businesses to improve business performance. Dun & Bradstreet offers solutions and delivers insights that empower clients to accelerate revenue, reduce costs, reduce risk and grow their business.

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Aros Kapital

Aros Kapital has extensive experience with invoice purchases for both SMEs and SMEs. With efficient systems and personal service, they handle all contact with your customer in the best way so that your relationship remains good. Via the real-time updated customer web, you get a quick and clear overview of your company's accounts receivable and see all the statistics and information you need.

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Enin combines structured and unstructured data about companies. Our customers receive financial information and alerts about current events to form a risk picture of an existing or potential customer. Enhanced customer control, credit assessment, "know your customer" or anti-money laundering are functions Enin supports with data, analyzes and monitoring.

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Drammen Works

Drammen Works is the region's new powerhouse for startups and founders who want to scale their idea or business. Together with investors, partners and members, they will build a society for innovation and growth.

Drammen Works is associated with The Creator Community - Mesh. This means that their members get access to events and a valuable network that Mesh creates in Norway and abroad.

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LIC International

LIC (League International for Creditors) is an association of independent debt collectors, credit reporting firms, law firms and credit managers, consisting of approximately 3,700 skilled professionals worldwide.

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Strømsgodset Toppfotball (founded February 10th 1907) is a Norwegian football club from Gulskogen in Drammen, which is part of the alliance sports team Strømsgodset Sports Association.

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