The good customer experience

Every day at Axactor we are in contact with many companies and private customers with different issues and needs. Dialog goes through many different mediums, but mainly through telephone, e-mail and our customer portal.

Good dialogue is the key to success

A big part of the dialog is with our customers and our customer’s customer, and both parties are often in despairingly situation.

Our customer needs the invoice paid as quick as possible, because they themselves have costs and invoices they need to pay, and the customer’s customer may not have fund available to pay for the past due invoice. This can quickly escalade to a conflict without any easy solution.

Our values at Axactor support us through these situations:

  • Passion
  • Trust
  • Proactive

These values are the cornerstones of how we work. We take our role as case handlers seriously and are conscious to act in a professional manner in search for a solution. One of our core values for our customer treatment is that we treat everyone with respect.

Our customer and customer’s customer should feel as if they get a good experience when they contact us. They should receive clear answers and good help on the road to a solution. If they do not know all the parts of the process in debt collection, is it our responsibility to advise and provide easy and clear answers without the use of overcomplicated words and explanations.

We have high focus on personal contact, because this gives us the opportunity to be a good case handler for you. We want to get in contact, because we believe that through dialog, we can find a better solution together.

Looking forward to the next time we talk!

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