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At Axactor, we are constantly working to make invoicing better, easier and cheaper for our customers. With distribution via Axactor, you get full control of your invoicing!

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Why invoice distribution?

As a modern consumer, we expect freedom to receive invoices in the channel that suits us the best. Companies therefore have a need to be able to reach their customers in all channels. With Axactor's assistance with invoice distribution, you create invoices as normal. Then Axactor distribute the invoices to your customers preferred channel, whether it is EHF, AvtaleGiro, eFaktura in their online bank, e-mail, digipost or letter.

The number of digital broadcasts has increased significantly in recent years and saves both the environment, time and money. With distribution at Axactor, you get the opportunity to send invoices as it suits you - and your customers. In our document archive, you can see how customers have received the invoices, the status and the possibility of sending an invoice copy by e-mail. And of course, the invoices will be on your company´s layout.

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Why Axactor?

Axactor is an innovative company with one of Norway's best collection environments. Our skilled advisors work proactively every day to improve your results and we help you reduce the number of credit days.

Invoicing and collecting invoices can be both time consuming and tiring. We have extensive experience in reducing credit time and simplifying everyday life for our customers. By letting Axactor handle the entire value chain from invoice sending to debt collection, you can focus on your own business.

We adapt to your financial system and focus on an efficient start-up. This is how we can assist your collection process as smooth as possible.

"We saw a need to professionalize the follow-up of accounts receivable in both Norway and Europe. Axactor was chosen supplier, and the collaboration works very well. The cooperation with Axactor has also been particularly useful and profitable for us during the covid-19 crisis, a situation that requires even closer control of operations."

Kai Christoph Schmellenkamp, Accounting Manager, Nespresso Nordics

Full control

You create an invoice; we take care of the rest! We make sure that the invoice is sent to your customer in the desired channel. You get full control over invoicing and status.

Document archive

In our searchable document archive, you have full control over sent invoices and status at all times. An invoice copy can easily be forwarded from the document archive.


You save the environment, time and money. With Axactor on your side, you can focus on core tasks while getting a more efficient cash flow and stronger customer relationships.