Corporate Social Responsibility

Axactor focuses and commits to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in all our business activities. We do our uttermost to act in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner, practice good corporate governance and respect internationally recognized human rights principles. To safeguard compliance and support the effectiveness of such acts, we will maintain an open dialogue on these issues, internally and externally.

These principles are among others outlined in Axactor’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy: CSR policy.

Axactor has a sound internal control and system for risk management that are appropriate in relation to the extent and nature of our activities including a risk management framework, monthly business and financial reviews, internal audits and supporting policies, procedures and local processes. The internal control framework shall assure that the operations are effective and aligned with our strategic goals and correct, reliable, complete and timely financial reporting and management information. The risk management framework shall also develop efficiency and control of the business operations in compliance with laws and regulation and our business ethics, as well as profitability and continuity. Axactor’s internal control and risk management systems consist of a set of policies and procedures covering e.g. our strategy, operations, business ethics, regulatory compliance, and internal and external reporting. All employees receive adequate training. Compliance is monitored, and continual improvement work carried out. Axactor operate a structured risk management process that includes strategic risk, financial risk, reputational risk, technical risk, and legislative and regulatory compliance risk. The Board carry out regularly review of the most important areas of exposure to risk and its internal control arrangements.