Minimizing our environmental footprint

The environment and climate change are one of the most important issues for society today. While our environmental impact is limited, we work actively to reduce the environmental impacts our operations give rise to; those generated indirectly and directly through our internal operations.

Axactor´s environmental policy is adopted annually by the Board of Directors and the principles are reflected throughout the corporate governance structure.

To limit our climate impact, we work to lower greenhouse gas emissions, through measures such as a high level of resource efficiency, efficient use of energy in Axactor’s offices, recycling and taking environmental impact into account in purchasing and travel.

In 2020, we started measuring and reporting on emissions. Axactor will now and in the years to come, continue to monitor our consumption and set KPIs to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions over time.

Our greenhouse gas emissions 2021


Axactor´s emissions are largely generated by energy consumption in the company´s offices and through business travel.

Our main environmental issues are related to energy consumption, travel and the waste hierarchy, both in the day-to-day operations and in the lifetime management of IT equipment.

Our offices

The company’s internal responsible for Axactor’s offices has encouraged the use of energy-efficient and space-saving properties and works continuously with the property owners to further adopt energy conservation measures in the buildings where Axactor operates.

With regards to energy consumption, all Axactor offices shall have systems for time-regulated monitoring of ventilation, heating/cooling and lighting. No relocations or reconstructions of existing offices shall lead to higher energy consumption.

An internal audit/self-assessment performed in the second half of 2020 showed only minor deviations in Spain. In Spain, the mitigation plan was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but will be implemented as soon as the situation is normalized. The results was presented in a separate report to the Board of Directors.

In 2022, all our local offices is located in environmentally friendly, new and energy efficient buildings.

Limited use of company cars

Axactor strives to lower the travel ratio and encourages less carbon-intensive travel.

Axactor has limited use of company cars and encourages the choice of low emission vehicles. It is mandatory to select models/specifications that have a lower than average fuel consumption and emission for its class, according to the World Light Vehicle Test Procedures (WLTP).

Only employees and managers with a specific need for a company car to perform their operational duties or where this historically has been agreed should have company cars.

Travelling and video conferencing

Axactor works continuously to decrease the percentage of physical meetings, by instead using digital platforms. By doing so, we manage to free up more time and resources for the company’s employees as well as reduce our environmental impact.

Axactor’s travel procedure specifies that employees are encouraged to limit travel whether to the office on day-to-day business or for business travels and use tele/video conferencing as much as possible. Some travels are unavoidable due to the international scope of the company’s operations.

Data centres operating with 100 % renewable energy

The largest energy consumption within Axactor is the data centres which are mainly run by the infrastructure vendor Intility who among others are environment certified as a green lighthouse, operating with 100% renewable energy and also operate with the following certifications (ISO 9001, ISO27001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001).

At the end of 2021, all Axactor’s servers are run by the same infrastructure vendor to among others strengthen our environmental impact.

Committed to reducing waste

Our general waste hierarchy is to first reduce waste at the source, secondly to reuse items if possible, and thirdly to ensure that items not possible to reuse are recycled.

All offices shall have recycling of paper and systems for waste sorting to secure proper handling. Not all offices have a system for recycling or ensured environmentally friendly destruction of used electronic office equipment and some do not offer to handle employees’ private IT waste. Mitigations are planned for 2021.

Recycling of IT equipment

We are focusing on partnering with certified IT contractors obliged to ensure recycling of IT equipment and seek efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives for sourcing, packaging and transportation.

Use products and services that represent the lowest environmental impact

Axactor has structured purchasing processes and sourcing strategies to ensure that the services and goods acquired are provided from suppliers with an acceptable environmental standard and use products and services that represent the lowest total impact on the environment.

"In itself, Axactor has a relatively small impact on the climate. Still, we find it important to strive towards ever greater sustainability in our operations."

Vibeke Ly, Chief of staff

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