25 October 2016, 08:00 CEST

Axactor Group

Press release

Adrian Scott joins Axactor as EVP responsible for Group sales on the 1st of January 2017

MR. Scott is currently holding the position of Head of Global Collections and Recoveries for Deutsche Bank where he is also responsible for the selling of NPL portfolios. During this time he ran operations in Germany, India, China, Italy, Spain, Poland and Portugal.

Adrian Scott holds 29 Years of Financial Services and Banking experience. Before joining Deutsche Bank, he worked for Several large Financial institutions including 5 years at Barclaycard and 8 years at Citibank. At Barclaycard he was a member of the U.K. Credit Cards Exco, whilst at Citibank he was responsible for several Sales areas including head of Car finance, Second Mortgages and Direct Sales. Adrian is British but has lived and worked from Barcelona Spain for the last 10 years.