01 May 2023, 19:42 CEST

Axactor Group

Press release

Axactor ASA: Amendment to the nomination committee's recommendation to the general meeting

Reference is made to the nomination committee's recommendation to the general meeting dated 23 March 2023. The nomination committee has today been informed that Ole Henrik Bjørge has withdrawn his candidacy to the board of directors of Axactor ASA. Ole Henrik Bjørge was recently nominated to another professional position, and therefore will not be available for additional Board membership at this occasion.

The nomination committee has taken Ole Henrik Bjørge's withdrawal into consideration. The nomination committee's proposal remains in all other respects. Consequently, the nomination committee proposes that Terje Mjøs, is elected as the chair of the Board following the AGM, and Kjersti Høklingen, Brita Eilertsen and Lars Erich Nilsen are elected as board members. The nomination committee considers that the proposed directors are competent and committed to act in the best interest of the company and its shareholders.

The nomination committee’s recommend that the resolution to the general meeting, ref. item 7 Election of members to the board of directors to the notice to the annual general meeting will be amended accordingly:

“The board of directors shall have the following composition:
-Terje Mjøs (chair)
-Brita Eilertsen (director)
-Lars Erich Nilsen (director)
-Kjersti Høklingen (director)

Each member is elected until the annual general meeting of the company in 2024