30 March 2017, 07:30 CEST

Axactor Group

Stock notice

Axactor enters 1st agreement to acquire unsecured non-performing loan (NPL) portfolio in Sweden.

Axactor has extended an agreement to acquire

portfolios from a large Nordic Financial Institution, to cover the

Swedish market as well as Norway. The portfolio will be acquired on

a similar basis to Norway, where the cases are acquired monthly. The

cases are freshly terminated B2C, allowing Axactor to have control

over the entire collection process.

This first NPL transaction in Sweden will have a single digit mEUR

annual capex value. Further, given the strong pipeline it is

expected that Axactor will significantly increase its position in

Sweden during 2017.

"This portfolio clearly shows Axactor's focus on investing in

portfolios across all Axactor geographies as well as showing our

ability to build strong relationships with partners in more than one

country. The expectation is for this trend to continue over the next

few years.", says Endre Rangnes, Axactor CEO.

"Acquiring our first portfolio in Sweden so soon after acquiring the

platform, clearly demonstrates the emphasis that the portfolio team

put on supporting the overall Axactor growth strategy.", says Robin

Knowles, Axactor EVP Portfolio.

Axactor plans to finance this acquisition by use of available cash

existing credit facilities.

For further information, please contact:

Endre Rangnes

Chief Executive Officer

Mail: endre.rangnes@axactor.com

Tel: +46 8 402 28 00

Cell Phone: +47 48 22 11 11

Geir Johansen

Chief Financial Officer

Mail: geir.johansen@axactor.com

Cell Phone: +47 477 10 451