11 September 2017, 11:28 CEST

Axactor Group

Press release

Axactor Germany makes two NPL acquisitions from two large financial institutions

Oslo, 11 September 2017 - Axactor has acquired two portfolios of NPL

Loans including auto financing and personal loans in Germany. The

portfolios have an outstanding balance of EUR25.7m across over 4,000

cases, with both containing a significant number of existing payment

plans, generating cashflow right from the acquisition.

The transactions complement the recent service contract announced

last month, further strengthening the Axactor hybrid model focusing

both on servicing and purchasing NPL claims across key European


Doris Pleil, country manager and managing director Germany,

commented "These purchases show further growth in the owned

portfolios in Germany for Axactor. I am very happy with the

development in Germany and expect to see further purchases soon."

For additional information, please contact:

Endre Rangnes, CEO Axactor

Mobile phone: +47 4822 1111

Email: endre.rangnes@axactor.com


Geir Johansen, CFO & Investor Relations, Axactor

Mobile phone: +47 4771 0451

Email: geir.johansen@axactor.com