22 December 2017, 10:45 CET

Axactor Group

Press release

Axactor Group acquires three further portfolios in Italy

Oslo, 22 December 2017 - Axactor Italy has acquired two mixed portfolios and a small leasing portfolio in Italy. One of the mixed portfolios includes an element of secured cases, which is being used as a test case for building internal competence in another important NPL segment. These portfolios combined have an outstanding balance of just over EUR 80m across approximately 750 cases, with 20% relating to cases which are secured.

Massimiliano Ciferri, country manager Italy, commented "This acquisition is in line with Axactor's strategy elsewhere in Europe, allowing the Italian business to diversify across a broader range of NPL segments with the benefit of being able to participate in an increasing number of sales going forward."

The investments will be financed by Axactor Italy's existing credit facilities.

For additional information, please contact:

Endre Rangnes, CEO Axactor

Mobile phone: +47 4822 1111

Email: endre.rangnes@axactor.com


Geir Johansen, CFO & Investor Relations, Axactor

Mobile phone: +47 4771 0451

Email: geir.johansen@axactor.com