05 September 2018, 12:37 CEST

Axactor Group

Press release

Axactor signs a large forward flow agreement in Sweden

Oslo, September 5th, 2018

Axactor Sweden have signed another forward flow contract with a large Scandinavian financial institution. The contract contains freshly terminated cases covering both credit cards and personal loans. The duration of the agreement is 24 months and Axactor will acquire an outstanding balance of approximately 40mEUR over 2 years, across 7.000 cases.

"The increased volume combined with the young age of incoming claims gives Sweden a high degree of control over the expected lifetime recovery on its portfolio. We are very pleased to have secured this forward flow agreement.", says Lisa Sohtell, Country manager Axactor Sweden

Axactor plans to finance the transaction by use of available cash and existing credit facilities.

For additional information, please contact:

Johnny Tsolis, CFO Axactor
Mobile phone: +47 913 35 461
Email: johnny.tsolis@axactor.com