05 January 2021, 11:53 CET

Axactor Group

Stock notice

Extraordinary general meeting - All proposals approved

Today, Axactor SE held an extraordinary general meeting as notified 16 December 2020 through a stock exchange notice.

The extraordinary general meeting approved the share capital increase by contribution in kind, the share capital increase by way of private placement and authorized the board to increase the share capital as part of the subsequent offering. The decisions form part of the larger transaction informed of in the stock exchange notice of 9 December 2020 at 16:40 CET. The minutes from the extraordinary general meeting is enclosed.

The shares allocated in the private placement, conducted on 9 December 2020, will be settled by delivery of existing and unencumbered shares in the Company, that are already listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, pursuant to a share lending agreement between the Company, Geveran and ABG Sundal Collier (on behalf of the managers in the private placement). Hence, the shares allocated in the private placement will be tradable as of this announcement, subject to timely payment by investors. ABG Sundal Collier will settle the share loan with a corresponding number of new shares in the Company to be issued on a separate ISIN and not be tradable on Oslo Børs until a listing prospectus has been approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway and published.


> Minutes from the extraordinary general meeting 2020 (pdf)