25 May 2020, 12:58 CEST

Axactor Group

Stock notice

Extraordinary general meeting 2020 Axactor SE

Axactor SE held an extraordinary general meeting today 25 May 2020 where updated articles of association and an additional member to the Board, Mr Hans Harén, were approved.

After the general meeting, the board has the following composition Glen Ole Rødland as chair and Brita Eilertsen, Merete Haugli, Lars Erich Nilsen, Kathrine Astrup Fredriksen, Terje Mjøs and Hans Harén as board members.

The minutes from the meeting is enclosed;

Minutes EGM 25 May 2020 (PDF)

About Axactor
Axactor Group is a next-generation debt management company operating in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain and Italy with an ambitious European growth strategy. Axactor acquires and collects on own portfolios of non-performing loans and also provides debt collection and accounts receivable management for third parties. The debt collection market is estimated to about 1,000 billion euros across Europe, providing significant opportunities for future expansion. The company has approximately 1150 employees.