Debt Collection

In Axactor, we help you get paid while managing your customer in an objective and professional way and that preserves your relationship. We do everything we can to find ways that suit your customer so you get money as soon as possible. If the case needs to be taken to court, we have specialized teams that can prepare all the legal actions required to present the case. By letting us take care of your debt collection cases, you can reduce your credit losses and improve your cash flow.

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Why debt collection?

In Italy it is not unusual for banks and financial institutions having clients who pay late their mortgages or loans. The same reasoning can be done for invoices sent by small, medium or large companies. A delay in payments means both an increase in administrative management costs and a reduction in liquidity.

At the same time, many financial institutions and entrepreneurs are concerned about how a credit collection activity can impact relationships with their customers. In most cases, however, our support in credit management implies an improvement in customer relations rather than a deterioration. Furthermore, our intervention is a valid tool to collect the credit before it is sent to the legal department for judicial processing.

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Why Axactor?

At Axactor, we are convinced that credit management and collection activities play a fundamental role in our society. We help people who are in a difficult situation to achieve a better quality of life, but above all, we help hard-working companies and banks to collect their credits.

In a sector that is perceived by many as rigid and slow, we want to be available and flexible but at the same time we want to work energetically and dynamically. We offer our extensive experience in the credit management sector and we are sure that we understand the needs of our customers.

Our goal is to meet the expectations of our customers and provide them with 360° assistance in credit management, ensuring high performance. This is possible thanks to the specific skills of our professionals, best practices and advanced technologies shared at Group level, such as for example the Axactor efficiency model, business intelligence systems, scoring models and advanced analysis.

Thanks to the recent C.R. Service Srl's acquisition we have expanded the Servicing market taking advantage of the great experience and professionalism that has identified them for years. The use of an experienced and competent partner, constantly updated on the regulations of the sector, favors the achievement of the predetermined results, thus allowing internal resources to focus exclusively on their core business.

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The benefits of the service

Phone & home collection

Our Team is highly specialized and divided by Client and by product.


Reminders send is automatic.

Reports & KPIs

Our IT systems and tools as Business Intelligence let us creating personalized reports.

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Know more about our services:

  • Preforming credits monitoring and management
  • UTP credits management and collection
  • NPLs credits collection

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